If the nerve node in the neck is affected, then there is a toothache, weakness in the muscles.

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Increase in temperature of the face of one part and dilation of the pupil.

With inflammation of the sacral nerve ending, pain in the pelvic region may occur, and the patient also has frequent urination. Begins to disturb the itching in the genital area. Girls may observe that menstruation is disturbed. If the pelvic ganglion is affected, then it manifests itself in the form of aching pain in the pelvis and pain during sex.

The voice changes and the eyeball may protrude.

Herpetic ganglionitis can cause a rash that turns into blisters. Constant weakness in the muscles and changes in the skin. Mobility in the joints and problems with thermoregulation can be disturbed. At the first symptoms, it is necessary to visit a specialist so that he can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe an effective treatment for ganglioneuritis.

The following studies are applied.

With ganglioneuritis of the thoracic region, pain in the region of the heart and chest can be given to the scapula. The patient may feel it becomes difficult for him to breathe. If any symptoms appear, you should immediately consult a doctor. The examination will help to get clomid pills the pathology and then the specialist will be able to choose the right treatment. The examination, both for pelvic and for herpetic ganglioneuritis, is the same.

X-ray of the spine is needed in order to identify various infections and inflammation.

Magnetic resonance imaging and CT are prescribed for a quick and accurate diagnosis. Electromyography is used to locate the damaged nerve ending. Ultrasound is used to find out if there are various pathologies of internal organs, so this procedure is most often prescribed for a disease. Serological examinations are needed to determine the pathogens that caused the disease.

Most often, a neurologist finds a clomid and makes a diagnosis based on what symptoms and diagnostic results the patient has.

Other doctors can be appointed, such as. a gynecologist, a gastroenterologist, a cardiologist. They are needed in order to confirm the disease. It is always necessary to contact a medical institution in a timely manner. If you start the disease, it can lead to serious consequences. If symptoms of ganglioneuritis occur, then you should not hesitate and visit a doctor.

Treatment of ganglioneuritis depends on what type of clomid.

The doctor examines the patient and asks him well about what he complains about the most. The specialist may order blood, stool, and urine tests. As a rule, drug therapy, physiotherapy, and surgery are used. Treatment of ganglionitis can be prescribed only when an accurate diagnosis is made.

The following medicines are used.

With herpetic ganglioneuritis, antiviral drugs are prescribed such as. Acyclovir, Zovirax. If the disease is caused by an infection, then it is already necessary to use clomiphene pills, Azithromycin. In addition, the specialist prescribes some medications for the treatment of various types of diseases.

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If analgesics do not bring any benefit, then the doctor may use novocaine to eliminate pain. Surgery to remove the ganglion is prescribed if medications do not bring any effect. When the disease gives a positive result of clomiphene.